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People are often surprised bu how many ailments have been successfully treated with acupuncture from chronic pain, to muscle spasms and even allergies. Our skilled and experienced massage therapy team can also help with restoring balance, and thus relieving the stresses of everyday life.

Some typical ailmnets treated by acupuncturists include lower back and neck pain.  Pain caused by sports injuries can be relived as well.  Even things like migraine headaches are relieved with this therapy.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body is a delicate balance of two opposing and inseparable forces – yin and yang. Yin is the cold, slow or passive principle, while yang is the hot, excited or active principle. A balanced state of yin and yang maintains your health. Internal imbalance of the yin and yang means disease. Inequity leads to the flow of vital energy (Qi) blockages along pathways (meridians). Acupuncture can unblock Qi by inserting needles into particular points on the body that connect with meridians.

"Somehow you poured
the life energy back into me...and renewed my spirit!" 

Dr. Kun Xiang acupuncturist
Four times Olympic Gold Medalist Chryste Gaines with fellow athletes John Johnson and Robin Johnson at Dr. Xiang's San Francisco Acupuncture Clinic.